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Hello and Welcome - Tyron - 03-08-2019

Alcatraz Reloaded

Our History
Alcatraz Reloaded was founded on May 8th, 2013 as a community revolving around the popular game mode known as Jailbreak. The community thrived for several years, opening a Surf server and a Minigames server; however, around 2016, the community started to drift apart due to the lack of interest in Counter Strike: Source. Furthermore, the owners and founders of the community simply did not have the time to keep the servers up to date, and expansion into Counter Strike: Global Offensive was an unlikely choice.  

The shutdown of all servers was a decision that we had to unfortunately make with heavy hearts.

Fast forward a few years and we have the owners and founders of Alcatraz reminiscing about the good old days. On March 2019, after playing some Jailbreak again and having nostalgic memories of how amazing our community was back then, we decided to bring back Alcatraz Reloaded and make it better than ever. Over the next few weeks we will be developing our Jailbreak server from the ground up, using some familiar plugins and while implementing new ones. With the revival of the community, we hope to bring back some sentimental memories to our veteran players, while also creating new ones for new members of our community!

What is our goal?
We will be developing one server around the ever so popular game mode that you may know as Jailbreak. Once we believe we have built the server and community up to its full potential we will look into the possibility of potential server expansions. We are always happy to hear from our community about any suggestions you may have as it is your feedback that will shape this community, whether it be about the forums, discord, server, or even rules that you think may need to be added/changed/removed. If you have a suggestion, head on over to the Feedback and Suggestions section and tell us how we can make this community feel more like home to you! We plan to have the server up and going by March 30th, 2019. In the mean time, register for an account on the forums and head over to Introductions to tell us a bit about your self. We hope to see some new and old faces that will be apart of this amazing community! While waiting for the server to go live, feel free to drop by in Discord to chat with us as well!

With everything being said, let me be the first to welcome you to this great community. We hope you enjoy your stay, make new friends, and above all have fun! Happy Gaming!