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Salomon S/PRO Supra BOA Ski Boots

Ski boots have traditionally lagged behind snowboard boots in terms of convenience in fastening. The BOA system, featuring a user-friendly dial for tightening or loosening the boot, has long been a standout feature in snowboard boots. Now, this practical fastening system has made its way to ski boots, marking a significant advancement in ski boot technology.

The Salomon S/PRO Supra BOA Ski Boots introduce the renowned BOA system to skiing, simplifying the fastening process with a user-friendly dial. The 4-point tightening system eliminates the need for forefoot buckles and provides a comprehensive forefoot wrap. The innovative boots also feature a 3D Instep Shell, Custom Tongue, and Custom Shell HD, allowing unparalleled customization.

Grab a pair directly from Salomon, or from Amazon

salomon-spro-supra-boa-ski-boots-2.jpeg | Image

salomon-spro-supra-boa-ski-boots-3.jpeg | Image

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